May 26, 2016

Fine, have it your way, Europe!

How is it that by attempting to include America, you've isolated it even more?

You have the audacity to stereotype Americans as people who don't understand or care about Europe, yet here we are interested in your music, and you block us? Not all Americans are incapable of reading maps, you know. The fact that we're here should show you that we are open-minded individuals, and not part of a flag-waving hive mind. You have our music. Why can't we listen to yours?

You are just as bad as you think we are if you keep perpetuating stereotypes like this. I don't own a single gun, didn't vote for Obama, won't vote for Trump, I'm not into violence, and I can speak French and I'm trying to learn Russian. I'm not the kind of American you seem to think we all are. The xenophobia in YouTube comments is frightening. Are we headed for Cold War II?

I've just fucking had it! It's like the whole world thinks I should be ashamed to admit I'm American, and lately, I have been! I wish I lived in Europe, but I don't! I hate being pigeonholed and lumped in with other NORTH (excuse the fuck out of me) Americans as if we were all alike! I thought it was a GOOD thing to try to watch Eurovision and get some knowledge of the world - but apparently we're not supposed to be aware of Europe because all NORTH Americans are idiots who aren't aware of Europe! So when I try NOT to be the person you assume I am, it's wrong because I'm supposed to be the person you think I am so that you can hate me?

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