April 18, 2016

So much for the British being more cultured and refined than the rest of the world.
Boaty McBoatFace. There is now a majestic ship representing England called Boaty McBoatface. DAMMIT how is one supposed to be an Anglophile while babbling nonsense that makes people think you've taken too many happy pills?!?!?

NEWSFLASH: Saying things in an accent DOES NOT INSTANTLY MAKE THEM HIGHBROW! "Oh, look, here comes my limousine...PooPooCacaDukie OohEeOohAhAh Ching-chang, Walla-Walla Bing-Bang!"

So the next time the Brits make a disparaging remark about America (read: every other day), just keep repeating "Boaty McBoatface" until they hang their heads in shame at the fact that they have CARTOON CHARACTERS making decisions over there.

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