February 6, 2016

My bullshit indicator says you're standing right in it!

I've had it with this bullshit on Facebook about "social indicators" that say having good grammar skills isn't "cool" enough for some people.  WHY THE FUCK NOT?! Since when is being "cool" more important than being educated?

I mean, am I seriously the only one who doesn't understand how grammar = genocidal purging? It's disrespectful as well as stupid!

Maybe teachers SHOULDN'T get any more money, because no one seems to be learning any spelling or grammar skills these days! Who's at fault here?  Why are people refusing to learn?  Why are the tried-and-true methods failing when they've worked in the past?

Nerd hat on:  ?! is a legitimate punctuation mark called an "interrobang" (make your own jokes here).  I have seen discussions about how long it's permitted to be, but everyone agrees that it does in fact exist.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interrobang  Obviously, it's not MLA or APA format-friendly, so it's just an informal glyph.  


  1. I agree wit U. Peeples gotta lrn to spl. LOL Forgedaboutit. LOL.

    I gave up on FaceBook a long time aago. Every once in a while I fan the fires. Not on as much as I used to be. As Betty White once said, "Facebook is a waste of time."


    AKA Burnt Food Dude

    1. Yeah, I suppose. It's just sad that an education means so little these days.


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