February 5, 2016


In what way are you pressing your luck?
I haven't made any strides in my personal life, and I've gotten complacent because I'm just tired and I feel defeated.  I'd better do something soon, or else I'll die an old maid!

When did you last wield an iron?
I couldn't say, it's been years since anyone in this house used an iron. I don't even know if we have a working one!

Not counting buttons on your computer, tablet, or phone, what was the result the last time you pressed a button?
DVD player, yesterday, for my nephew.

What was the name of your high school newspaper?

To “press the flesh” means (usually in the context of politics or public relations) to meet and greet as many people as you can, shaking hands and making personal contact. When were you last called upon to press the flesh, and how were you?
I don't normally do that.  I met this guy's friends a while back -  felt weird, of course, because I'm just weird and I don't expect people to like me. 

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