January 27, 2016

They still exist!

Remember when blogging was just a casual thing?  They were just essentially online diaries, which you'd overload with blinking graphics, bad fanfiction, and memes and quizzes. Everyone had one, but nobody really cared what was on them other than your circle of friends and fellow boyband fans. 

Then something exploded and suddenly, blogs were a grownup's toy; the hot topic was monetizing and coming up with "quality content" for your "brand".  Having a blog was now akin to having your own business cards, and what you posted needed to net you thousands of hits or you weren't doing it right. 

I had previously assumed memes, or thought-provoking blog games, had gone the way of Friendster and other early-Internet trends.  Imagine my surprise to find that memes are still hanging on, just in more palatable, mature forms.  (Most of them, anyway.)

I'm going to dive back into some of the better memes and topic generators tomorrow and see if I can use them effectively this time.

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