January 26, 2016

Hello, other people!  I have finally accomplished a fraction of what I set out to do and cleaned up this blog.  Labels have been updated and correctly applied, really good posts are highlighted, and most importantly, I am going to make time to post here more often. Yay?  Yay!

Hey, where you going???

Seriously, though, I want people to sit up and take notice of the fact that I'll never stop writing, and since I don't want to actually let any possibly-publishable works slip out, I'll have to fill the gaps with my wit and wisdom.

You can follow me on Twitter if you prefer shorter rants. https://twitter.com/MsfitKitten  ( I had to alter the name, I guess someone beat me to it.)  I'm also on YouTube, but I don't post videos, just comments.

I'm a grammar ENTHUSIAST, thank you, and I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with my horoscope, as you've no doubt noticed.  I promise to write more about books, music, possibly movies, and find something to replace the old blogging standby, memes.  

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