January 27, 2016

Found one with a bit more to say.

  Wordy Wednesday

(Didn't think I could manage it, but it's actually 102 words.  This picture spoke to me.)

Deep in the dark recesses of my troubled mind, there is one small glimmer of light left.  One hope, one wish, one idealistic fragment that survives and says, "Just maybe."

Maybe he'll come back.

Maybe things will be different today.

Maybe they will be better.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

It's very dark in there, when you're all alone.  Hard to find your way.  Is it worth it? Who knows?  And where am I going from here?  So many questions closing in on me.

Sometimes, it's better to look back so you'll realize you want to move forward.

That's all from me for today.

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