March 3, 2015

I can't do anything right

So far, while I've had this phone, I've:

Texted a wrong number
Called Twitter (how, I don't know!)
Accidentally voice-searched something in Google
Opened at least 10 stupid apps that I didn't want or need
Deleted an app I DID need
Missed 2 calls
Called 2 people while I was just trying to add ringtones to their contact files
Sent a text with a spelling error because the phone decided that was what I wanted to say.
Taken approximately 8 photos of random shit and nothing thanks to the camera being turned on accidentally


I suppose they call them "smartphones" because they make you feel so stupid and helpless and retarded.  I run at least 20 computer programs a day...why can't I get the hang of this?

At least I haven't gotten any angry texts or voicemails.  People are never as patient as they expect me to be.  It's hard to be smart because you're not allowed to make any mistakes at all, and when you invariably do, you're harassed to the point of self-harm.

I wish I could have just used my old phone again.  I'm not even going to be away from the computer that often - why do I need a browser on my phone?  And why is this thing so freaking sensitive that just breathing on it causes it to scroll and open things?  Why am I suddenly so old and incompetent???

I have the dumb!! I don't know how to phone!! 

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