July 8, 2014

I've been up 10 minutes, and already, I hate it here!

So I wake up to screaming, like always.  I barely have time to get a drink in my mouth before I notice there are ants everywhere - must be revenge for me spraying the outside of the house the other day.  I still haven't had anything to eat.

My mother's idiot friend is coming over to take her somewhere...but when I really needed someone to take me to the fireworks, oh, she didn't want to take ME anywhere!  I hate being at the mercy of someone's whims!

It is SO HOT up here, I hardly slept at all thanks to nightmares, and I guess I won't be able to get back to sleep for a while.  I wish I could take a shower...probably not, because everyone will be stopping in to eat food, use up every dish in the house, and then leave.  The dishes get bathed more than I do!

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