June 19, 2014

I don't even know sometimes

(hopefully the power will stay on so I can post this whole thing)

So I decided to take a nap, and just about 10 minutes ago, this is where I was.  I was at a party for some...rich guy? I don't know, but I was staying in a hotel in order to attend. I was crooking some soda cans because I didn't have any cash money for vending machines, and hoping that I wouldn't get caught.

The party reconvenes into....IKEA?  (I have never been to an IKEA, so this is like a grossly exaggerated Simpsonsesque parody).  It was getting kind of late, so the store was about to close, until one of the partygoers grabs my watch and winds it back, thereby giving us a few more hours.

We all split up looking at all the stuff, when I end up in the bedding section with my mom(??).  We were looking at one of the beds when we discovered a cat in it.  She left - thank God - and I asked the suddenly-appearing information booth lady where the cat came from.  "The pet section!" she says as if, DUH, where else?  I bring the cat back to Pets and I found... the kitty section!

(like I said, I've never been to IKEA but they seem to have everything else)

I must have lost track of time playing with the kittens and holding little babies and ZOMGsocute because it was almost midnight when my brother found me.  "Oh, Goddamnit." he says, 'cause he pretty much knew.  :)   (He goes to IKEA all the time.)

And that's when the storm woke me up.  Mother Nature's a bitch!

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