August 23, 2013

I've been so excited for AccuRadio to start their commercial-free weekend.  I was a few minutes late, so I figured I'd get shut out or the site would crash due to extra traffic - but I made it! :D

Two minutes into the block, however, I come face-to-face (or ear-to-pic) with my most hated nemesis:  the fucking Progressive bitch.  I'm sorry, are you hawking something during my COMMERCIAL FREE window?!?!?  Just because you're butchering a song that I already hate well enough, thank you doesn't make you any less of an ad!  >:<

Fortunately, this story will have a happy ending.  I still appreciate AccuRadio for allowing me to obliterate the most irritating artists of all time, and for having a station dedicated entirely to synthpop music.  While I don't like the new format because it's so small, it still plays with no buffering and lets you skip like a first-grader after playing with the big parachute in P.E.

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