May 8, 2013

"Write" now!

Aha!  Things have conspired today to give me the time, mood, and inspiration to write some things!

This market is harder to break into than Fort Knox.  I find myself struggling to come up with the genre my work falls into.  Audience level isn't easy, either.  I always read a few grade levels ahead of where I was supposed to be, so I'm not really sure if I'm YA or not.  (I look YA, but that's another story.)

I'm still interested in beta readers, but I'm really shy about it.  If horror's not your bag, I have a short story on the burner that's neeeearrrly ready for attention.

By the way, when you submit the requirements at least 10 times.  I made the mistake the other day of submitting something, but picking the WRONG FILE.  I'll be lucky if I get a informal "thanks but no thanks" reply.  Chalk it up to stress.

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