May 5, 2013

How do you like your horror?

A.k.a. - How does one do a jump scare in a medium with no visuals?

I'm a little out of my element here. I haven't really read any horror books, but I've seen a few movies and people are split on which elements work and which don't per movie.  My head is splitting at the moment, but what makes a good horror novel?

At this point, I have most of the non-horrific elements down, but you can totally see the strings on the big bad monster, and the scary stuff's pretty weak.   I don't go for hack-and-slash, sorry; this is more of a terrifying, with a little blood thrown in for good measure.  Willfully reliving one of your nightmares isn't exactly something one would relish - I'm beginning to see why Stephen King is so weird - but considering it scared the shit out of me, it should at least be fun enough for a Halloween mindset.

Really, though, what does anyone out there think a good horror novel ought to include?

Also, there are no vampires.  Deal with it.

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