April 26, 2013

There! I wrote something!

Who was it that said "Writing is easy.  You just sit at the typewriter and open a vein."??**  Yeah.  Sometimes  I feel like getting these thoughts out of my head in coherent form is draining me of everything I have.  Well, I restarted an old story that helped me breeze through Advanced CW (not that I ever had trouble in that class, anyway!), and if I can remember the first 12 or so pages, I might actually be able to finish it this time.  However, which story would actually spark interest?

A cat tale about changing lives whether they want to or not, because they need it more than they know?


A lost origin story about a mysterious little girl and a jade elephant that are more than they seem, even to a half-blind woman?

I realize that my descriptions are empty at best, but I don't actually know how they're going to turn out until I've written them.  At this time, I don't know which one I'm feeling more.  Maybe the cat tale...

I really wish my printer worked.

**It was a man named Red Smith.  I found my old research materials.

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