April 26, 2013

In my "write" mind.

God, there is so much that I've still got to do with my writing.  That's what I get for leaving it so long!  

I mentioned a failed novel a while back that I'm still debating with myself about.  It's supposed to be a YA high fantasy story, but I wrote it when I was very young and still believed in things like love and happiness.  The text is really melodramatic and it reads like a love letter to my thesaurus.  I all but slept with that thing as a teen.  

If I had a character in one of my stories who was a writer, I might be able to salvage chunks of it.  I'm still keeping the story - what I have left of it - and I might try again in the future.  For now, I have too many other projects clamoring for my attention that are fresher in my mind.  The old story represents another person, someone I don't know if I actually want back.

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