September 12, 2012

I have decided that I'm not going to attempt NaNoWriMo again for this year.  A few years ago, I think I went as far as to sign up and peruse the forum before realizing that real life really, really doesn't want me to produce 50,000 words.

Now, it's not that I couldn't write that much.  I once got up to eight chapters of a story before I became disillusioned and the Internet was invented  ;P   I just have too much of an inner critic to let myself blindly write and write without taking the time to correct it.

I have 4 stories in progress that need to be sorted out right now.  Two are ghost stories (sort of), one is a drama/mystery, and the one that needs the most work at this point is the cat story.  That's not even counting my high fantasy novel I wrote when I was still in my flowery idealistic stage - and that S.O.B. needs a complete overhaul before it can be unleashed on the public.  There's even another idea that didn't even make it to the planning stage before being shunted off to the side while I was doing other things.

At this point, the only works completed are my short fic (considered "published" now), a juvenile fic that is still looking for its market, and a one-act play I've never been particularly proud of.  I've spent so much time on KI fanfics and essays that I hardly have anything marketable.  Time to dig out my old writing books and start calling everything "research".

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