June 3, 2012

Well, good news is nice


Your total vocabulary size is estimated to be:
This is the estimated number of entries in a standard dictionary for which you know at least one definition.  
This number does not include word derivations (e.g. "quickly," derived from "quick," does not count as a separate word). And while it does count compound words (like "air conditioning"), it does not include phrases or expressions (like "food for thought").

Well, now I feel better!

It seems like a small number compared to the amount of words I actually thought were in an English dictionary...I think I'll go look it up. It does say "no derivations", which would probably double this number at the very least.

On second thought...it might make me feel worse.

*Please hold while Jeopardy theme plays*

Well, I was right. I know 1/5 of the words in the Oxford English Dictionary.  If I double it, though, I know about half of the words.  At least this is more than nearly everyone I know!  That's something to enjoy, right?

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