June 30, 2012

Diva: 1, BLOGGER: 0

Just when the BLOGGER question people think they've got me stumped...oh, ye of little faith!  I've had this list going for some time now; band names is my new time-wasting hobby.

*Ahem*  Without further ado...

Silly Band Names
* Jumping With Spoons
* Dude, You Have a Band?
* The Spastic Dorks
* @#%$^&>+  (that's the actual name, it's pronounced "At pound percent money up and greater than plus", or APPMOGTP for short)
*OurInitials  (they planned to use their initials; someone goofed up when printing out the contract)
*Good Name for a Band
*Prince Edward in a Can (thereby preventing fans from requesting their music from DJs)
*Maniacal Relish (pictured on the drum is a pickle with fangs)

Thank you, Listography, for helping wacky people outwit generators.

1 comment:

  1. I've added even more to the list since this post. I just love words, and since bands sing/play music, their names ought to flow more harmoniously than "Dude and the Band" or "Generic Family".


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