March 6, 2012

What bugs me today.

Sigh. Using the word "kaleidoscope" to refer to teleidoscopes.

A kaleidoscope has mirrors and small multicolored pieces in it. You know these; when you turn them, the shapes shift around and you get different patterns.

A teleidoscope is just the mirrors , making you see dozens of fragmented-whatever you point it to. There are no added images. You have to look at something outside of the scope.

One comes with it's own images and one doesn't! While they are both fun, is it really that hard to differentiate between the two? I guess so...

It doesn't help that the Wikipedia page for teleidoscope has a fucking kaleidoscopic image on it!

This page explains it better


A teleidoscope is exactly the same as a kaleidoscope, except that the teleidoscope's object case is a lens. The lens will show whatever you are pointing the scope at around you and the mirrors will reflect that image, which will change as you move the scope around you. Sometimes a glass or crystal ball is used as the lens. 

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