March 2, 2012

My blog says "1 comments" WTF BLOGGER?

Also, this:

Yes, we are now knee-deep in stupidity.  It's like the world doesn't try anymore.  Who really thinks about honeydew melons outside of fruit salad? Is that what America has become now?  A fruit salad?

The deeper meaning behind this BLOGGER question:

Moe:  Aw, we're going to die and I never tasted 
Krusty:  Eh, you didn't miss much.  Honeydew is the money 

Now, I wondered what was so earth-shattering enlightening about this particular quote...but my research has come up sour.   They're originally French, revered by Egyptians, have a long shelf life.  Maybe it's just Kosher, and an entire Internet meme and merchandising campaign makes even less sense than "Don't have a cow, man!"

Now, cantaloupes, which I particularly like, have been linked to Salmonella and Listeria, and also are believed to prevent heart attacks, which are useless to the pacemaker-toting Krusty  (Can you believe I am still analyzing this? BLOGGER really confused me with this one!).  However, what we call cantaloupes are really muskmelons.  Real cantaloupes are Italian.  I didn't even know that when I made my "melon of deceit" comment.

What does all this mean?  Hell if I know!  What I took from this is that you should not get your philosophies from a Fox cartoon.

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