March 9, 2012


Friday Question #186
Do you finish every book you start reading? What would cause you to stop reading a book?

Always have, always will.  I adore books!  In fact, I have always had trouble putting the book down after I started it!  About the only time I've ever interrupted a read is when I've been sick or traveling, because I can't read while in motion.  

It's only recently that I'd tried reading several books at a time.  When I needed to read things for college, it would cut into my leisure reading time.  That didn't work out so well.  I like to have one-on-one with my books for as long as I'm reading (or re-reading) them.

I still have a book I got for Christmas that I haven't cracked open yet, can you believe it?  We were so busy with moving and being sick that I never got around to it!  I think I'll read it this weekend while the weather's shitty.

As loathe as I am to admit it, the Kindle helps me pick back up when I've put a book down.  The problem is, with all the books being invisible, I don't have the cover to jog my memory and make me start reading it again.  This is why technology will never replace senses.  It's hard to emotionally connect with a cold, flat metal thing. 

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