October 22, 2011

Wanted: Rollertoaster

We set out on another useless journey this past week, and the highlight of the hotel stay (for me, anyway) was  this toasting machine I found at the continental breakfast.  You load bread and baked goods onto a conveyor rack at the top, they roll into the machine, and after a length of time determined by your chosen setting, slide back out the bottom.  I dubbed it the Rollertoaster, and it was worth singeing a bagel to examine how it worked.

Who makes these things?  I'm sure they're horribly expensive, but I'm still curious.

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  1. OMG! It wasn't 3 weeks ago I was in a hotel in Colorado and saw basically the same thing.

    And it has pretty much consumed part of the breakfast hours of my day.

    This one did pancakes. I'm not even a pancake eater, but had 2 that morning. And they were perfect.

    Just press the button, put your plate at the end of the machine-thing, and boom...you got cakes.

    Kinda sounds close to the same thing.

    I did the google on the pancake thing. About $1500.

    I'll go back to cereal.


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