October 1, 2011

Memes part 1

1. Do you ever go to sleep to simply dream?
No, I don't have that luxury.  The harder I try to dream, the more likely I am to have nightmares.

2. When you’re having trouble staying awake, what are some things you do to make sure you don’t drift off to sleep?
Keep moving.  

3. What’s most likely to cause you a prolonged period of not enough sleep?
Stress, fighting, being sick

4. When you’re going through a prolonged period of not enough sleep, what parts of your daily routine are likely to change, and how?
I can never get anything done (worse than usual!) and I hardly eat.

5. In what ways does your personality change when you go through a prolonged period of not enough sleep?  
Oh, boy, LOL...let's just say I spend more time on the rant blog.

6. Who in your life seems regularly to have not enough sleep?

7. When you're sleeping, do your closer friends tend to be male or female? Why do you think that is?
Female.  I've always had trouble relating to guys.

8. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, what would it be?

9. In a dream, is your past something that you can go back to?
Sometimes, but it's never anything that I can change. 

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