September 3, 2011

Old school is in session

So I've been looking at these dreaming-wall sites, places like Pinterest which everyone uses, but you need an invite, and the lesser-known but nonexclusive We Heart It, which works the same, but images have to be really big.  It occurred to me that it all stems from the old collages we used to make as kids with Mom's old magazines.  I've always loved those:  getting glue on your fingers, scraps of paper fluttering around like a ticker tape parade.   Hey, I have magazines!

I spent an hour or so today cutting out pictures, and I have to admit, I had a ball.  I even turned off the computer!   I'd forgotten how something so low-tech could occupy me for so long.  It's hard to find a quiet moment to just imagine and craft.   I might still use those sites - I've run out of glue - but I think I accomplished something and I actually was at peace for a while.

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