July 15, 2011


Just got back a bit ago from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2!

Don't scroll down very far if you haven't seen the movie or at least read the book.
First, the unspoiled:

Wow. I have never seen a movie in a small town before, it's totally different than what I'm used to. Firstly, they took forever to start the movie - but that's okay, because there were only like 5 people in the theater!

No one reacted! We got through some of the best parts of the movie (further marked with an*) , and no one cheered, booed, clapped.

It went something like this:
(My favorite scene from the book plays out)
Me: WOOO!!!! *applause*
Me: ...woo?

When it was over, there was no mad rush for the bathroom. Everyone just left. (Probably because the only working video games there sucked)

The hilarious part was that the ladies' room was right next to our theater. I was washing my hands when I realized I could hear "do DO do do DO do-do-do..." Surreal.

************AND NOW, THE MOVIE********************************************




1. Ariana's portrait looked like she was 15, not 5. Oh, and suddenly Hermione knows about her, while Harry's just "I don't give a damn what happened between you and your brother."

2. The only kid namechecked in the end is Albus Severus.   Hermione and Ginny don't actually look like they've aged at all!

3. It was hard to hear, but I believe I heard Neville profess his admiration for Luna? It went by so fast, but it doesn't really ruin the movie and you'll forget about it later when he's kicking ass.

4. The long-awaited kiss* was pretty good, but they decided to get a distance shot of it, which I'm sure will annoy fans. I'd much rather have seen RONANDHERMIONEFINALLY!! instead of Harry and Cho's OotP eternal snog. From then on, they're really cute towards one another.

5. NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!* It was here and it was EXCELLENT! Like I said up there, I was so happy to see it and then embarassed to be the only one cheering. But believe it or not, it paled in comparison to THE WRATH OF MINERVA McGONAGALL!* While it went by so damn fast (everything good in this movie went by so damn fast), she proved "mother's love" even applies to teachers as she kicks Snape's ass in the name of Hogwarts. I did actually tear up.

Oh, but the best part was when McGonagall's animating the soldiers with Molly looking on:
McG: "I've always wanted to use that spell!" *giggle*
Molly: (Uhh...okay, barking mad woman. I'm glad you're on our side!)

6. The first thing I saw that irked me was that BOTH twins now have BOTH ears. They have like one line between the two of them. Obviously, there is no Percy. Tonks never talks. A good portion of characters are relegated to background because there's just so many of them now that there isn't enough time.

7. Fred, Lupin, and Tonks are not shown dying, just dead. Overall, the death wasn't so bad as most people aren't shown until they're actually dead, and even then, they're not really lingered on.

8. I didn't see if Ron had any expression during Hermione blasting Greyback off Lavender's corpse.

 9. Snape did not die in the Shrieking Shack. It looked like the greenhouses.

10. There actually WAS humor in this, believe it or not, mostly regarding Filch.

11. Everyone will be happy to see the Resurrection ghosts scenes were really good. The only time I heard a reaction from the theater was over Lupin.

12. SNAPE!! Snape will have everyone bawling. I've never seen Alan Rickman emote like that. It was done well. I really felt for the kid who played Baby Harry, and I'm sure you will, too, when you see why!

13. The best running gag was Hermione being amazed at how "brilliant" Ron constantly was.

14 . I was a little let down with how short the Bellatrix/Hermione scenes were. Ron looked menacingly awesome though!

15. Fiendfyre scene was good, Gringotts dragon scenes were good - the special effects were all well done, although I didn't see the need for 3D. It will be just as awesome on your TV later.

16. No backstory on the Gray Lady - but ghosts in general look much better than Moaning Myrtle.

17. Slughorn doesn't leave and return triumphantly. He's just there.

18. Luna lovers will be happy that she isn't nearly as spacy as she used to be.

19. One joke I didn't quite get: Ron: "Harry talks in his sleep - d'ya ever notice?"
Hermione: "No...of course not."
Uhhh... is he verifying that she doesn't have a thing for Harry? HE'S the one who bunked with him for 6 years! Hermione either looks guilty or confused at this.

EDIT: I should probably not spoil this all the way for you...but Harry does NOT come uncloaked in the nick of time to save Molly after being declared dead. It's still a powerful scene, though.

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