July 11, 2011

Look! A distraction!

My allergies have been kicking my ass today, so I have been trying to remain positive;

I didn't post a new BLOGGER question because I was unable to come up with a witty answer about it.  I haven't gotten around to looking for memes. 

My Tweets widget isn't working.  Oh, well,  you guys already know plenty about me.

I saved this post at 11:11, that was kind of cool.

I found a new distraction that will keep me from cleaning, updating my site,  and basically being a functional member of society : http://listography.com/     Lists!! Everywhere!!  You can make lists to your heart's content!  You could even make a LIST OF LISTS!!

I don't know yet if I will link to them here or just copy them over, I haven't started playing with it yet, I'm just so excited to have a new toy!

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